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Hi everyone. I came across something interesting, I thought.

from the site , 21 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person, author Jenn Granneman Dec. 12 2019 .

The article is about Highly Sensitive People, with a mention that HSPs are not automatically introverts.

Of course not. (30% are extroverts.) Introversion and extroversion are labels describing a person’s behaviour, which is a combination of a whole bunch of factors and is malleable. That is, various things can make a person feel differently. And if you feel differently you may act differently. We might observe you as being more or less introverted or extroverted than you were before.

But Highly Sensitive People are born that way.

How many? Internet says 15 – 20% of the population. I wonder how many are Creatives?

Here is a list from the website highlysevsitiverefuge:

1. You absolutely abhor violence and cruelty of any kind.
2 You’re frequently emotionally exhausted from absorbing other people’s feelings
3. Time pressure really rattles you.
4. You withdraw often.
5 You are jumpy (literally)
6 you think deeply
7 you’re a seeker
8 Sudden, loud noises startle you.
9 Your clothing matters.
10 Your pain tolerance is less.
11 Your inner world is alive and present.
12 Change is extremely upsetting.
13 Sometimes your environment is your enemy.
14 You’re misunderstood.
15 You get hangry easily. (low blood sugar leads to irritability)
16 Who needs stimulants…
17 Conflict is your poison.
18 Criticism is a dagger.
19 You’re conscientious.
20. You’re deeply moved by beauty.
21.You’re perceptive.

That sound like you? Or any creative person you know?

The clock on the wall just told me it’s 3 AM. Gotta stop here. But I’ll be back talking about the nature of this beast.

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