Ready to Roll !!

Yes indeed Peeps, the site is tested and ready to roll.
Time to go live!
Well, its actually live now, but I have yet to officially say so.
However, the first print was ordered, its being printed now, and when I get it I’ll have a base for shipping times.

SO, time to promote! I’ll make announcements on social media next few days.

Which brings up a Blog Theme: social media burnout in Creatives.

Say it ain’t so!
Sorry, it’s so.

Not that things have changed, only become more…intense.

Eons ago (pre social media) an artist would hump their work around to art shows and flea markets and belong to as many regional Artist’s Collectives as possible. They would try to get their work in as many galleries as possible, maybe belong to a serious painting group, smooze as much as possible, go to every opening possible, court patrons, build mailing lists and aim for two big shows a year. All this could take so much time away from the studio the artist would actually be working two full time jobs.

Even though this personal marketing was time consuming it was at least a break from all the hours by yourself (usually), creating in the studio. If you gave up 15 weekends a summer and a handful of inside shows in winter, well, you’ve lost your summer, but you work through the week and hopefully it all pays off.

Today, however, the Artist needs to feed the social media monster constantly. That is where the pressure comes from.

In the past, the pressure was finding the places to promote and show your work, finding the people you should network with. Today? Social Media is smacking you in the face like a wet fish. Have you been Tweeting enough about your creative day? What have you posted to Instagram today, that’s at least remotely about your work? Have you updated Facebook yet? How about Tumblr? Have you posted those dark risqué sketches to Deviant Art? Have you finished shooting, editing, narrating posting your latest YouTube video, and what about all those promises you’ve made to your Patreon followers? After all, they’ve actually paid you.

Oh, but don’t forget to create! Making stunning, original, meaningful, moving artwork takes a lot of time, effort and concentration. Get at ‘er!

Eventually it can all be too distracting and take too much energy. If you are really a Creative and what energizes you is creating and monetizing your social media Persona, you are one of the lucky ones. But if not, focusing too much time and energy on social media may just backfire.

Or, if you have done it right, your work is starting to sell and you can back off on the postings to where that time is a welcome break.

Oh! I’ve got a Twitter post to write.

Be seeing you.