153 Weston Road Toronto…


153 Weston Road Toronto a digital archive photo


Photo archival print, 48 inches by 15 inches (122 cm x 36 cm). Ships in a tube. Shipping included. Comes with a certificate of authenticity to establish your provenance.

This copyright image is a digital creation from source images captured in-person by the Artist in the early winter of late 2020, when the overgrowth and climbing vegetation is at it’s minimum. By late summer the house is almost completely obscured.

ABC Lumber bordered the gigantic 200 acre Stockyards district of West Toronto and is the only remaining abandoned piece of land from the area’s hay-day as North America’s largest urban meat packing and processing district.

Years before I had worked in the stockyards off Gun’s road, the crossroad where the images were captured, until urban renewal made the many acres land worth more than the businesses on it. The Government of Ontario formally closed the stockyards in 1994, and after a couple of decades the acreage has turned into mixed medium density modern business and residential units.

My goal was to create an image that resembled the scene as it was some twenty years before, the last time I was there, but keep the details of the current state of abandonment. Thus the image in this limited print is a composite with extraneous details removed… Street posts, traffic signals, trash cans, power lines, garbage, advertising signage and vegetation. In the summer time the overgrowth completely obscures the building and graffiti. But you will note I left the two Bell satellite receivers, a sad reminder of the roll the Lumber yard played in the changing community as it tried to survive.

Offered as a archival print with limit of ten only (10).
A unique and one day irreplaceable image.





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