Mission Statement

Artist Mission Statement
For the next ten years, from the fall of 2019 to sometime in 2029, it is my intention to steadily produce major original work for sale.  My plan is to explore the unique media of portable true fresco, expand my ‘easel painting’ into figurative work, and continue to follow my inspiration, where ever it leads me.
Collectors, take note, this is your window.  After this time, my future remains unforeseen.
Sean Arthur.
A Note on Pricing:
At this stage of my artistic life I price original work by the square inch.


There are measurable factors that determine how much to charge.  Just like any business, the cost to the Artist to produce and market their work is the base cost.  The Artist should not create for free, of course, so their time is added to the cost.  Thus, skill level and experience make the work more valuable.
The next factor is scale (generally the bigger the work the more difficult it is to make, and the greater the skill and cost of making it).  Then the Artist factors in the medium used, reproducibility of the work and permanence.
For example, buon fresco (painting on wet plaster) is coloured water turned to stone. The work is permanent. No reproduction will match the impact of the original.  The form requires master level pictorial design, advanced drawing skills, mastery of watercolour and the ability to paint as much as possible in strict eight hour segments. There is no overpainting. (Corrections require removing the section and starting again.)
On the other hand, drawings on paper or art made inside a computer are physically less demanding to create and can be reproduced virtually without loss of impact.
Thus the cost scale goes:  murals and fresco, oil painting, encaustic, acrylics, watercolors, pencils.
Originality and genius are included at no extra charge.
I price my work accordingly.


A Note to Gallerists
Gallerists are invited to contact me.
Should a gallery or Gallerist wish to represent me or sell my work, this is my policy:
– I will continue to sell my original work, in person or online.

– I will continue to price my work by the square inch and use this amount as my base compensation

– I will markup my base price to be consistent with the gallery or Gallerist’s pricing.
  • This is the price the customer will see.
– I will not undercut the gallery or Gallerist’s selling price for similar work.
– Any work I sell, I will inform the gallery or Gallerist, and remit their portion of the sale.
– I will promote the gallery or Gallerist, refer potential customers and put a link on my website.
Interested?  Contact me.
Sean Arthur