Do social media on a regular schedule: If I was a clock I’d be an accountant!!

Well, I have neglected you for several weeks.

My chosen print shop, which does world class work, is not very good communicating. I asked for a full quote by email but got an email saying I was invoiced through paypal, even though they said they would accept an e-transfer as payment. I needed a cost breakdown quote first. I am not using paypal with this business and it does not yet have a corporate credit card. Hummm Have to sort this out.

Other work has taken my focus for the last few weeks, but in that time winter set in with a vengeance (for you time travellers in the future it’s 2019) and now I’m out of my oil painting studio / workshop bec. it is unheated and I won’t paint oils inside. Naturally I have a half finished oil on the go. I’m thinking I have to rent some studio time down at the local coop and get it finished. Otherwise it will eat at me all winter. I do other stuff inside, but not oil painting.

As to the social media side of things, it is not at all second nature to me. I find it like keeping a diary, which I was never able to do. And too many choices and commitments. Web advise says not to spread yourself too thin, play to your strengths, and keep to a regular schedule.

I’ll sort it out and focus likely on Instagram and Facebook and this Blog. If I can make some vids I will post them on You Tube, with longer takes on Patreon. That has been the plan. Feels rather robotic sometimes.

Argh! If I was a clock, I’d be an accountant!!

Be kind.